So you have decided that it’s now time to  remodel your dated home. Maybe you just moved into your new home and want to customize it to your personal needs and comfort. Optimizing a space to get more of what you want out of it can absolutely make your home more enjoyable. Renovations can be a big investment, both financially and emotionally. You try everything in your power to make it right. 

Properly thinking your renovation through will make all the difference. 

Let’s take a look at some common mistakes you can avoid;

Lack of planning 

Lacking to properly plan your renovation can leave you in disarray. You forgot that the start of your renovations will directly coincide with the kids school vacation. Perhaps you haven’t properly thought through your basement renovation to include soundproofing in the cinema room ceiling that is right below your dining room. You can practically watch the movie from a different floor. 


Doing it yourself (DIY)

You watched enough of those home renovation shows to tackle your own project, but did you tackle too big of a project. Remember the professionals have plenty of experience under their belts. It’s no secret that the quality of work between a diy and professional will really show. Choose your project wisely otherwise it might lead you to redoing it altogether. 


Making changes when the process has begun

You have discussed your desire and design with your contractor. Your renovations are well under way. Now you decide that you would like to switch it up. These last minute changes can be costly as it can affect other factors on the project. For instance, you decide to change your bathroom mirror to a larger one because you like the border color on the larger one. This impacts the wall-mount light that was already positioned above the vanity. It will no longer fit and must be raised closer to the ceiling. 


Overlooking the value of optimizing space and storage

You planned your basement renovation so it includes a cinema area for you and your family to enjoy those dim nights. You decided that the open concept will leave you enough room to store your family’s belongings. You quickly realize that perhaps a closed room to make an office or gym area would have been more convenient. 


Not paying enough attention to lighting

You wanted to renovate your kitchen. You chose the style and color of your cabinets. You also chose the perfect counter. The tiles you have selected go just perfect with the design you are looking for. You added a few recessed lights in the kitchen, but was it really enough. Do you have enough lighting? Did you add a couple of pendant lights above your island area? Did you add under cabinet lighting?

Construction Empor will go over all the aspects we need to make sure that the project gets done properly without missing on details. 


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