Another season goes by and you realize your basement does not get used. All of that space remains empty year after year. Time to take advantage of that space. Time to make it more practical for you and your family. 

Nothing beats a finished basement as one of the most cost-effective ways of adding value to your home. A finished basement can provide you with more living space in the form of extra bedrooms, bathrooms, theatre room, gym area etc. 

So what are you looking for? An extra bedroom or office? Is It a home theater room? It can also be to have a gym room. Maybe it’s just to have it finished because it was never done at all. 

The goal is to maximize your space to get exactly what you need. If planned properly, and of course depending on the size of the basement, a combination of these rooms can be created. It can add a tremendous amount of practicality to your life. 

The right lighting can make all the difference to your basement or any space in that matter. You can have a main source of light usually in the form of recessed lights or pendant lights and a specific source of light (ex. within the shelves of your new tv theater unit)

Properly insulating your walls with polyurethane spray foam is the way to go. Unlike fiberglass insulation, polyurethane spray foam will seal every gap that can potentially let air in. Done properly it will definitely help increase the r-value of your basement and will lower your energy costs year after year.

Adding a quality underlayment under your flooring will take most of that chill away. You’ll feel comfortable when walking throughout your basement. 

Construction Empor will help you through this process. To assess your goal relative to your space. To make it actually happen.  

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