You’ve checked out Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz or even magazines. You’ve rented that cottage with the beautiful deck. Whatever the case may be, you are ready to have one of your own. You can use these inspirations to design your own deck. 

Before building your deck, a few factors must be discussed. 

Do you want a floating deck. A floating deck isn’t attached to a building and floats very low to the ground, so handrails are not required, and in most cases, staircases are also not a requirement. A few advantages to a floating deck include the fact that they are cheaper to build than an elevated deck. They don’t require frost depth footings or handrails because of their proximity to the ground. Repairs and maintenance can easily be done. 

Decking materials is another factor to determine when planning your deck. 

You want to make sure you are using the best material for this project. Pressure-treated lumber is key to building a strong lasting deck structure. This is especially true when building a floating deck frame, because of its ground contact. Pressure treated lumber planks can also make for a beautiful top finish. 

Ipe and cedar are two beautiful, natural wood decking lumbers that offer a blend of colors in each plank. While both offer performance and maintenance, Ipe decking is a high density tropical hardwood with amazing durability and resistance to the elements than the softer cedar. 

Composite decking is another popular choice because of its durability. You won’t have to worry about cracks, warping or bending in your deck. The advantage of composite is that it eliminates almost all maintenance and repairs. Also, certain composite models offer a hidden screw installation to give a truly stunning deck.  

Once you decide on those factors it’s time to move forward. Would you like to build a simple deck right outside your patio door. Perhaps its a 2 level deck with a privacy wall you are looking for. Perhaps its a deck with a pergola near the pool. 

These projects can transform your backyard into your personal oasis. Your oasis where you can go to relax or entertain with family and friends. 

Construction Empor will help you establish the proper size of your deck, positioning (according to your local bylaws), materials and of course designs. Working together we will redesign your backyard!

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